You are the principal writer, director and actor in your life, but at certain times you may feel like you don't have any control over your life and your choices.  This may be related to challenges you are facing or a sense of failure in certain areas of your life. 


Anxiety can generate significant distress and interfere with your productivity and daily functioning. Instability of your mood, which can range from feeling sad or irritable to feeling paralyzingly depressed or uncontrollably manic, is also a common reason to seek help. 


Take charge of your life with the help of a professional to understand your feelings, modify your undesired behaviors, and move towards growth and harmony.


Depending on the causes of the issues you face, various psychological techniques may be used, including Psychodynamic approaches, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.












Couples need to maintain strong positive bonds in order to obtain satisfaction in their relationship at both physical and emotional levels.


Challenges in couple building and maintenance may arise at any point during their relationship.


Productive communication, listening skills, negotiation of needs, sexual satisfaction, emotional closeness, navigating between family of origin and the couple are all areas that may be addressed in couple therapy to improve the relationship between two individuals.


Those seeking a fulfilling relationship may also explore issues of emotional dependency, past emotional wounds and learn from former relationships in order to not make the same mistakes in future relationships.


Emotion Focused and Systemic Interactional approaches are used to help individuals harmonize their couple relationships and learn which aspects they need to develop to become better partners.





Once the couple relationship is stable and the family is started, the couple has to accommodate the needs of a new human being, while evolving as individuals, as partners and as parents.


Challenges may arise at any point, including during pregnancy or in the first years of a child's life. Children may become a source of concern if they experience difficulties adapting to new environments or when they reach teenage.  This may be a time when they test parents' abilities to provide a safe frame within which they can grow more independent.


Parents with children may also find their aging parents become a source of concern, and may have to cope with their parents' declining health or death, which may create tensions or difficulties within the family.


Blended families face the additional tasks of merging the new family members, helping children adjust to the stepparents and coping with the absence of biological parents. 


Family therapy uses a Family Systems approach to target specific issues that arise during the natural course of family development.



Depending on your needs, Dr. De Silva will help you set appropriate goals and take the necessary steps to acheive them.  Through the use of psychotherapeutic assessment and techniques, you will become aware of your roadblocks and learn to develop strengths to overcome them.





Are you heading towards graduation and wondering about your job options?  Are you starting over again and wondering which professions are better suited to you?  If so, career exploration and orientation are crucial steps to undertake to ensure a better fit between yourself, your lifestyle, and your desired career.


Career exploration and orientation can also be useful to identifying which directions to take with respect to promotions and other life changes.


 If you are wondering about the suitability of your current position or profession to who you are, it's a good time to consult and seek answers.









Today's workplace puts increasing demands on the professional and requires improved work-life balance strategies. Excellence coaching focuses on increasing one's motivation, productivity, focus and planning so as to obtain the best results at work.


Many factors can influence one's performance on the workforce.  Professional coaching identifies issues related to motivation, burnout, time management, stress management, planning, work-life balance, career orientation, and professional relationships.


Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral techniques will be used to enhance performance.


A few sessions of professional coaching can benefit any professional, from a part-time employee to a high-level consultant, and yield more job satisfaction





Are you looking to get out of a rut or move closer to a goal that you've been thinking about for a long time?  If so, you may benefit from Personal coaching to help you get unstuck and reach your goals.  


Some issues that may be addressed in personal coaching include improving communication skills, weight loss, better time management and improving self-presentation.


Motivational Interviewing, Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioral techniques will be used to help you reach your goals and improve the areas that have held you back in the past.










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